What do I expect during a facial?

Is a facial just a glorified face wash?  NO it is not!

What IS a facial? 

A facial is a professional cleansing, purifying, and beautifying treatment of the skin on the face, neck and decollete. Facials are the number one treatment performed by estheticians, and a good way for your therapist to get a good understanding of your skin prior to suggesting more aggressive treatments.

For most people, facials can be scheduled every four weeks, although your therapist may recommend a different schedule.  Your customized facial will last for one hour.  Print out a consent form at home to save time on paperwork!  

Tell your esthetician exactly what you want to get out of your facial, and she will be able to recommend a facial to meet your needs. 

At Lash Lounge 315, after you are all tucked in under the cozy, warm sheets and blanket, Jessica begins the 1-hour Customized Facial with hot towels on your feet to help you relax.  Steam is used for approximately 10 minutes after the double cleanse process.  Products are removed with both warm facial sponges and hot towels wrapping your face.  The next step is exfoliation which helps to remove the dead skin cells causing dull-looking skin. The appropriate peel will be massaged onto your skin next which can improve texture and tone, minimize fine lines, and clear up acne by unclogging pores.  After warm eye pads are placed over your eyes, a magnifying light is used to examine your skin and determine what mask will be best.  If extractions are needed and desired they will be performed at this time as well. Upper body and facial massage are performed now to help with circulation, bringing collagen and elastin to the surface giving it a more youthful appearance.  This is the time that many people fall asleep if they haven't already and it is always a compliment to hear a snore.    An exfoliating lip smoother made of natural ingredients is used and once the personalized mask is applied, your calming arm, hand and foot massage begins.  After approximately 10 minutes, the mask and lip exfoliator are removed with hot towels.  Toner is applied, an eye treatment is intensified with a gentle ultrasound device, serums, moisturizer and spf are followed by a soothing lip balm.  The grand finale is a mini scalp massage and gentle rock of the legs to awaken you. 


Facial services at Lash Lounge 315 are very relaxing and rejuvenating.  The candlelit room and tranquil spa music all add to the peaceful environment Jessica has created at her spa. 

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